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Inventory checklist: 4 top tips to optimise your entire manufacturing operation

Inventory Checklist

Manufacturers must not only plan demand for the finished products, they also need to ensure the optimal level of inventory for each stage of the production process.

In essence, there are 3 critical inventories, manufacturers need to worry about:

  • checkFinished Goods
  • checkSemi-finished products
  • checkRaw materials
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Inventory Checklist

Find out how you can eliminate the risk from your stocking decisions

When you decide to stock a product, you are taking a gamble… rnrnIn this infographic, we reveal 12 questions you should ask to improve your odds. By following these simple steps, you will become better positioned to: rnrn- Maintain high levels of availability on the products that matter to your customersrn- Mitigate the risk of obsolescern- Make more strategic assortment decisions

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