Attain operational Excellence

Boost productivity & improve service

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs

Streamline processes to cut supply chain costs

Eliminate costly planning errors to minimise bottlenecks and prevent the build-up of excess. Utilise robust data insights to optimise manufacturing workflows, saving time & money.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction

Become more responsive to customer demand

Protect availability of critical components against supply chain volatility. Accurately forecast both dependent and independent demand to deliver customer orders as promised.

Efficient Purchasing

Efficient purchasing

Determine the optimal order volume for every component

Make more strategic purchasing decisions. Take into account all supplier constraints to minimise freight cost whilst exploiting rebate opportunities & volume discounts.

Wilco van Ittersum

Continuous Improvement Manager | Vivera

“With Slim4, we have more insight into our future raw materials requirements.”


Richard Ornek

Materials Manager | Tennant Company

“With the statistical basis of Slim4, we can achieve a more reliable planning process meaning we are less dependent on the ‘gut feeling’ of our people.”

Santiago Estevas Salto

Santiago Estevas

Operations Director | Salto Systems

“Our current turnover of € 130 million will double. However, thanks to the additional capacity that Slim4 provides us with, I have no doubt that we have what it takes to achieve this growth.”

Dorc Header

Angelique van Geest

Supply planner | Dorc

“Within just 12 months, we reduced inventory by over €1m while increasing OTIF by 12%.”

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0 Waste
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