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“Med hjälp av Slim4 har vi ökat våra orderuppfyllelser med över 50%”

Knud Boel Troelsen


Bringing focus back to the customer and to future growth

Over the last few years, Kvik has experienced significant growth and shows no sign of slowing. While growth has always been the goal, it can often present great challenges. Kvik has experienced these challenges in the form of increased pressure across the business, especially across the supply chain division of the company.

The focus had shifted away from the customers and more towards profitability. The organisation was thinking mre about the cost of back-orders than the volume of back-orders. This is something which had to change. 

A healthier process for the entire organisation

As soon as the internal resources were put in place, the Slim4 implementation began. It was a healthy process for their organisation to implement Slim4. They gained a new perspective on their processes and a greater insight into how they could improve them. For Kvik, the results were visible almost from day one. The impact of the efficiency improvements was particularly evident: as part of the Slim4 implementation, the existing purchasing processes were optimised. As a result, the team at Kvik is now able to do more with fewer people.

The overall stock value has been rebalanced while the businesssustained a DKK 200 million increase turnover with only a very limited increase in investment in stock. Kvik are happy to see that they are on track to reach their strategic goals around improving order fulfilment: a KPI which they have already improved by more than 50%. These results are also reflective in terms of customer-satisfaction: a metric that has improved significantly.

Greater focus

Slimstock and the purchasing department at Kvik quickly established a close partnership. Together, the business have worked collaboratively, focusing on competencies of both teams as well as helping to develop each individual employee’s knowledge tool box. Today they see how Slim4 adds value to their business. For example, product development has improved as a result of more insightful input from purchasing.

Now that the internal processes have been developed and optimised, Kvik is now working towards refocusing their business to pursue further opportunities to add value to their customers: something which Slim 4 will play a crucial role in achieving.

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