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Vegware caters for global growth with Slimstock partnership

After extensive research into the market, Vegware, the award-winning manufacturer of eco-friendly catering disposables, has this…

20 Oct 2017



Flowtechnology UK achieves a more fluid operation with Slimstock

To keep up with continuous growth and spiraling complexity, the UK’s largest distributor of fluid power products,…

20 Oct 2017


Slimstock Charity

Slimstock’s Erik De Witte joined Pimp my Tuk-Tuk charity ride 2017

This year, Slimstock took part in the Pimp My Tuk-Tuk (PMTT) Charity ride to raise money for the Foundation of Goodness (FOG). 54…

13 Oct 2017


moonen packaging

Slimstock Academy takes Moonen Packaging to the next level

Over the last 12 months, the supply chain department at packaging wholesaler, Moonen Packaging, has recently completed one of…

5 Oct 2017


stena line

Stena Line chooses Slim4 for inventory management

One of the world s leading ferry operators Stena Line has decided to implement Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4…

29 Sep 2017


drive products

Drive Products replaced popular software with Slim4 for better results

Since 1983, Drive Products has supplied truck mounted equipment for commercial vehicles from operations across Canada. By…

29 Sep 2017



Carrefour takes control of the replenishment of their 630 stores with Slim4

The Turkish branch of the Carrefour supermarket chain, Carrefour S.A., has recently implemented Slimstock’s inventory management…

28 Aug 2017


Collaborate With Your Suppliers

Supplier Collaboration made easy

Supplier collaboration can unlock huge performance improvements. Many businesses invest a huge amount of time and effort into…

28 Aug 2017


Supplier Closures

How can you outwit the Chinese dragon? A lesson in managing supplier closures

Every year, China witnesses one of the largest human migrations in the world, as the nation’s workforce down tools and return to…

19 Jul 2017 Supply Planning


product lifecycle

Why do service levels have a powerful impact on profitability?

“I need a 100% service level” – a typical expectation of both management and commercial departments. Purchasing & operational…

18 Jul 2017


Piotr Adamczak

“Since working with Slim4, my work has become much easier!”

During this interview, we ask Piotr Adamczak, purchasing coordinator and user of Slim4 at Sanpol, five questions: What is his role…

25 Apr 2017


the pareto principle

The Pareto Principle: Going beyond the 80:20 rule

The Pareto Principle has really stood up to the sands of time. When this clever theory was first condoured up, who would have…

20 Apr 2017


supply chain positions

Diogo Forte interview: “I knew Slimstock could offer me the scope I needed to succeed.”

As Europe’s leading inventory management specialist, Slimstock places a huge focus on developing up and coming talent: a key part…

28 Feb 2017


supply chain analyst

Konstantina: What does it mean to be a supply chain analyst at Slimstock?

Since the start of 2015, over 20 professionals from ten different countries have joined the team at Slimstock. As more and more…

24 Feb 2017


long tail inventory management

Transform your long tail inventory into a profit-making machine

In our modern world where the likes of Amazon and Alibaba reign supreme, no one is willing to wait. Thus, to remain competitive,…

6 Feb 2017


Multi Echelon

MEIO: How can you create visibility in a multi-channel environment?

For companies that exist in today’s complex omnichannel and multisite environment, achieving stock availability has never been…

5 Jan 2017


Food Industry Win War On Waste

How can the food industry win the war on waste?

Download this article to discover how the industry can combat these issues in order to achieve huge reductions in waste.

3 Jan 2017 Allocation & Replenishment


Seasonal Demand

8 top tips to rein in seasonal demand fluctuations

To help you optimise your operations before, during and after a seasonal peak, we have highlighted 8 top tips to help you stay ahead of demand fluctuations

17 Nov 2016 Demand Planning & Forecasting



The launch of a new office in Singapore

Following a number of interesting developments, Eric van Dijk, CEO at Slimstock, looks back on a great first quarter. Eric has…

25 May 2016



Slim4 user Charles Van Oort: “I’m in between conflicting interests. That makes it fun.”

Slimstock ask Charles van Oort, supply chain coordinator and user of Slim4 at retail chain Blokker, five questions: What’s his…

4 Apr 2016



Our Debut on Gartner’s magic quadrant

Following the growth we have experienced in recent years across Europe and the Americas, we are now officially recognized by the…

16 Feb 2016


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