Increase Profitability

Increase profitability

Strike the balance between industry-leading service & minimised costs

Empower your planning team to make more strategic inventory decisions. Prioritise your most important products to guarantee fantastic customer service as you cut supply chain cost.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve operational efficiency

Drive efficiency improvements throughout your network

Automate inventory processes to quickly & accurately plan thousands of SKUs. Eliminate firefighting with responsive exception-based workflows that help your team focus their time where it matters most.

Enhance Visibility

Enhance visibility

Anticipate future demand with confidence

Attain a clearer picture of future demand with robust forecasts the whole business can trust. Utilise data-driven insights to ensure high availability as you prevent lost sales, excess & waste.

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Murray Dickson

Senior Manager of Operations | Boshart Industries

“Slimstock’s forecasting capabilities enabled the company to make data-driven decisions.”

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Dorte Bakgaard

Senior Vice President Operations| Actona Group A/S

“Where many companies in the industry have struggled, Slim4 has helped us navigate an unpredictable market.”

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James York

Managing Director | Springpack

“The operational improvements delivered by Slim4, in combination with our other initiatives, play an important role in helping us to attain our goal to become carbon neutral.”

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Kjartan Vanhercke

Demand and S&OP Planning Team Leader | Upfresh

“Slim4 offers our demand planners a much better insight into seasonal influences and emerging trends. We are less dependent on the gut feel of our people.”

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0 Waste
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