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Makro centralises its operation with Slim4

Makro Persbericht

Deventer, the Netherlands, February 15th – Makro has embarked on an optimisation process to future-proof its supply chain. Slim4, Slimstock’s inventory optimisation software, has supported this process to ensure a smooth transition from a decentralised to centralised operation.

From decentralised to central planning 

Orders from the various Makro stores were always decentralised. As a result, the inventory management process varied from store to store. Furthermore, the process required a huge time investment from store employees. Tony Webster, Head of Supply Chain, decided to change the strategy and deploy a centralised inventory process. To support Marko with the strategic move, Slimstock was called in to implement Slim4. 

“Slimstock’s consultants help our planners organize their daily tasks and workflow processes. They can even step in if necessary.” 

Tony Webster, Head of Supply Chain 

Increased flexibility leads to better efficiency 

In addition to optimising the planning process, Slim4 also ensures that Makro can respond more flexibly to changes in demand. When local stores receive large orders, there is no longer any delay in forwarding orders to the central DC (distribution centre). Furthermore, in the event of unexpected peaks, Slimstock’s software automatically ensures that an extra order is placed. If necessary, the central stock is also replenished immediately. As a result, Makro has significantly improved efficiency. 

Order amidst the Corona chaos 

An additional advantage of Slim4 is that it allowed Makro to mitigate the impact of the corona pandemic. Amidst the disruption, Slim4 helped automate orders as well as provided alerts to ensure that the planners could focus on the most immediate issues. This means the planners have more time to focus on the exceptions. Tony concludes: “Even after the implementation project, Slimstock is always on hand to help out and provide advice where required. For this reason, I see Slimstock much more as a partner of Makro than just a software supplier.” 

About Makro 

Makro is a real Dutch brand. For over 50 years, Makro has been the full-service wholesaler for enterprises across the Netherlands. In 1968 Makro opened its first store in Amsterdam. Since 1998 Makro Netherlands has also been part of the German METRO AG Group: with more than 97,000 employees and 679 sales points in 24 countries. 

Makro offers a huge range of food and non-food products, ensuring the best wholesale prices, the right products at the right time, sourced locally for every season. Every entrepreneur can rely on Makro for their purchasing needs. Makro increasingly distinguishes itself in food and craftsmanship. For this reason, they contribute to the success of HoReCa (the Dutch catering industry). Makro Netherlands now has more than 3500 employees across 17 stores. Eight of these also function as ‘foodservice hubs’ where online orders are collected, packed and then shipped throughout the Netherlands via Food Service Delivery. The whole enterprising community in the Netherlands can count on Makro. Then, now and in the future. 

About Slimstock 

As Europe’s leading inventory management specialist, we believe that having a winning supply chain is a necessity to succeed. That’s why we dedicate all of our time to developing the skills, knowledge and tools that supply chain teams need to thrive.

Since 1993, Slimstock has been synonymous with better demand forecasting, effective inventory optimisation and supply chain collaboration. With the combination of our advanced supply chain optimisation platform, Slim4, and our team of dedicated inventory management experts, we help over 1200 customers boost availability, reduce supply chain costs and mitigate risk. 

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