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Our electrical product and lighting manufacturers all have one thing in common: they all want to help their customers use energy more efficiently – and in turn we want to help them use their resources more efficiently and with less waste!

With vast assortment encompassing a huge array of electrical components, distributors of electrical components go to great lengths to keep their customers happy and set themselves apart from the competition.

However, with volatile product lifecycles and a supplier base extended to the far East and beyond, keeping costs under tight control is a real challenge.

So how do you optimise your order costs and minimise your exposure to risk? More importantly, how can you exceed your service level targets through optimising your approach to inventory management?

Slimstock have been dedicated to helping businesses for over 25 years changing the way they think about inventory management. Our inventory optimisation solution, Slim4, is utilised by a range of electrical manufacturers, distributors and retailers including Mayflex, Technetix, Poole lighting and Supreme Imports.

electrical components

Businesses like yours typically see the following results:







Mayflex solidify market leading position following 'game changing boost' in efficiency

supreme imports

Supreme Imports

Supreme Imports charge on with ambitious growth plans thanks to Slimstock

Poole Lighting

Poole Lighting reduce working capital tied up in stock by 33%

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