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“Thanks to Slim4, our stock availability has really increased by more than 22%.”

Bart Jakobsen

Supply Chain Manager |

Medpets has improved stock availability from 70% to 92% with Slim4

The online retail company Medpets is growing 35% per year and with the range expanding, good stock management became increasingly important. “We had no insight into what was coming our way,” says supply chain manager Bart Jakobsen.

In November, the company went live with Slim4, after which stock availability increased from 70% to 92% in a month and a half! “We have fewer ordering times, which has brought more peace to the warehouse operation. This is a great advantage because it means we don’t have to hire new people. ”

The online retailer Medpets is the largest pet pharmacy in the Netherlands and specialises in animal health. Medpets distinguish themselves through a specific range of specialty feed, medication and related items, in combination with a high level of service and high-quality product knowledge.

The company has an average turnover growth of 35% per year and with the range expanding, good stock management became increasingly important. “We had no insight into what was coming our way,” says Bart Jakobsen. “At a certain point you can no longer see which articles are running fast and which arent. Many articles are also seasonal, but we were unable to respond to this with our stock.”

Live with Slim4

In order to help optimise their inventory management processes, Medpets took the decision to implement our inventory management solution, Slim4. “I already knew the Slim4 system from my previous work, and I knew that sooner or later we were going to need it. Only when was the question. When I heard a presentation by Jan Kraaijeveld of Slimstock during a trade fair, we only had one. We started the implementation after the summer and went live at the beginning of November.

Increased availability

The software has only been running for a month and a half, but the first results are very encouraging. Jakobsen: “Our stock availability has really increased enormously. We were at 70% and it is already at 92%, while our total stock value has remained the same. Our goal is 97% so that will certainly succeed. With Slim4 you automatically order the right one. articles. The system proactively signals when a particular article threatens to run out of stock because it is running faster than expected. We can now make adjustments in time, whereas previously we only found out when it was too late.”

Increased efficiency

Slim4 has also provided peace of mind and more efficiency in warehouse operations. “You have far fewer ordering times,” explains Jakobsen. “We used to place new orders for fast-moving items almost daily. Now that we have an idea of ​​how demand is developing, we order them no more than twice a week. We have the items delivered to our warehouse in more phases, which means there is also the workload there This is a great advantage for us because it means that we do not have to hire new people.

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