Ng Zu Sheng


"Slim4 helps us increase our service levels while still reducing inventory"

Eng Soon Auto is the leading distributor of genuine and OEM BMW & MINI automotive parts in Singapore. Following the successful implementation of Slim4 in August 2018, the company achieved a 6% reduction in inventory while simultaneously increasing sales by 5%.

Distributing over 50 brands and over 100,000 different spare parts across South East Asia, Eng Soon Auto strives to cater to the local needs of its customers. Since 1987, the business has built a reputation for providing top-quality products at the best value; all while ensuring an efficient customer experience.

As a major stockist in the automotive industry, Eng Soon Auto offers one of the most complete assortments of products available in the market. However, this can often lead to overstocking and, consequently, an increased risk of obsolescence. As a result, the business needed a solution that could help the team to forecast and manage the inventory more efficiently.

Since implementing Slim4 6 months ago, Eng Soon Auto has achieved a 6% reduction in inventory value without compromising on service. Pleased with the results so far, Ng Zu Xiang, head of operations at Eng Soon Auto praises Slim4: “I think the biggest impact for us has been that Slim4 has helped us to increase our service levels while still reducing inventory levels”.

Slim4 ensures a more fluid operation

Ng Zu Sheng, director at Eng Soon Auto agrees that Slim4 is efficient and user-friendly. As a result of the visibility provided over the inventory, he has been able to streamline processes. Prior to using Slim4, Eng Soon Auto’s purchasing method required a high degree of manual intervention and there was no standardised process for procurement.

Items were replicated across two warehouse locations resulting in additional procurement and transportation costs. With Slim4, the planning team is now able to forecast and purchase at a total level while simultaneously, redistributing and balancing inventory across both warehouses.

Furthermore, with the Product Life Cycle function of Slim4, the inventory optimisation solution is also able to support the introduction of new items and provide insights into every specific phase of the product life cycle. Ultimately, the automotive specialist is now able to work far more proactively when it comes to improving their business.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Eng Soon Auto

“Slim4 is able to provide me with timely purchasing signals to ensure that we have sufficient stock for the upcoming period. It tells me exactly when and what to order, as well as which products need urgent attention. A more complete range of products are now available, preventing our customers from waiting too long,” Ng Zu Sheng added.

Underpinned by service levels and availability, Slim4 has played an important role in helping Ng Zu Sheng to achieve the company’s KPI’s. Since Slim4 went live in August 2018, Eng Soon Auto reached their targeted service level across all of the product category.

On top of that, the brothers appreciate the continuous development of Slim4 as well as the solid partnership they have built with Slimstock’s expert consultants. Ng Zu Sheng goes on to conclude: “Even though Slimstock is relatively new to the Asian market, knowing their team are always around the corner to help provides us with great confidence. As we explore new ways to further optimize our inventory, we look forward to working together with the team at Slimstock.”