BUNZL, one of the world’s largest distributors, has embarked upon a major supply chain optimisation project to boost efficiency throughout three of its key subsidiaries in the LATAM region.

BUNZL is a multinational distribution and outsourcing company with operations in Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific as well as the UK and Ireland.
In Chile, BUNZL is made up of three leading industrial supply companies: Vicsa Safety, Tecnoboga and DPS.

As a specialist wholesaler distributor and retailer, Vicsa Safety supplies personal protection clothing and equipment. Tecnoboga is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of quality safety footwear. Finally, DPS is a leading importer and distributor of disposable packaging.


BUNZL join forces with Slimstock in LATAM

In 2020, Vicsa Safety started looking for a solution to help them keep stock levels under control. As part of this research, the business identified Slimstock as a possible long-term partner.

Given the ambitious nature of the project, Agustín Tort, General Manager of Vicsa Safety, invited other Latin America branches to support the initiative.

With Slim4 already implemented at Bunzl’s headquarters in Europe, the multinational decided to implement Slim4, not only in Chile, but also in other countries in the region.

Following an extensive vendor review in 2022, BUNZL Chile formalized negotiations with Slimstock. To optimise inventory management processes across the three subsidiaries, the company decided to roll out Slim4.


Why did BUNZL choose Slimstock?

One of the decisive aspects for BUNZL in choosing Slimstock as a long-term partner was the trust it had built with other subsidiaries of the company around the world.

With 30 years of experience, today, Slimstock is trusted by over 1200 customers around the globe. Thanks to the combination of its specialist knowledge and industry-leading software, the inventory expert has a reputation for helping businesses to solve their inventory problems.

Agustin Tort explains the key objective of the Vicsa Safety project: “Our goal is to improve the level of service we provide to our customers. To achieve this, Slimstock will help us to optimise product availability, digitalise manual processes and improve our financial KPIs.”

To support the purchase order process across the three companies, the business will also implement Slim4’s Order Generator module. Additionally, the Vicsa and Tecnoboga divisions will roll out Slim4’s Variant Manager module to fine tune forecasts for different SKUs.


How will Slimstock support BUNZL’s future goals?

The initial objective of this project is to minimise stockouts and improve the availability across the three companies that make up BUNZL in Chile. The results will be visible within just one year of implementing Slim4.

After this period, and with all the data in order, the company will implement the S&OP layer within Slim4. Focused on aligning operational processes, this advanced platform will engage the many teams that make up each of the divisions.

Slimstock is not only an inventory management software provider, but also a supply chain knowledge partner. For this reason, BUNZL hope to strengthen the ties between both companies and become active participant within Slimstock’s global network.

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