Inventory Optimization
Increase Profitability

Increase sales

Attain the optimal level of inventory throughout your entire network to guarantee exceptional on-shelf availability. Replenish stock quickly and efficiently eliminate stockouts & maximise sales as you achieve a faster return on your investment in stock.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate waste

Balance allocation of inventory across all channels to exceed your customer’s expectations with less stock. Eliminate planning errors to prevent build up excess stock, costly internal transfers, & lost sales whilst maximising the full price sell-thru.

Greater Insight

Greater insight

Take into account promotional spikes, events, seasonality and emerging trends to automatically build robust demand forecasts for every product. Remain responsive to demand volatility with adaptive daily planning at a distribution centre, warehouse, store or webshop level.

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Russell Smallridge

Russell Smallridge

Supply Chain Manager | MEON

“We are now much better positioned to anticipate what is around the corner. As a result, availability has increased by 5%.”

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Fran Sanchez

Fran Sánchez

S&OP and Supply Chain BP Projects | Desigual

“Slim4 has become an essential tool that is part of our core business”

Wilco van Ittersum

Continuous Improvement Manager | Vivera

“Slim4 is perfectly designed to support flexible planning”

Tom Debal

Tom Debal

Purchasing Manager | Dassy Europe

“Thanks to Slim4, we have a reliable forecast and a clear picture of the stocks. That is essential in our pursuit of continuous improvement and further growth.”

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James York

Managing Director | Springpack

“We carry far less excess and our stock turn has increased to over 4.8; exceeding our original target by 20%.”

Our retail customers typically enjoy the following results


More efficient


Less waste


Less stock outs


Turnover increase

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