How can the food industry win the war on waste?

How can the food industry win the war on waste?

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In a bid to eliminate the 400 million meals worth of “avoidable” food that is wasted every year1, the Grocer has kicked off a major campaign to combat the inefficiencies that plague the food supply chain.

In order to reduce waste from the supply chain, some business have started incentivising customers to buy so-called “wonky” fruit & veg while others have gone as far as giving out free fridges fitted with cameras to prevent customers from accidentally over-purchasing. While a large portion of food waste is caused by the end consumer, do such solutions really tackle the true underlying causes of waste?

In order to achieve real reductions in waste, businesses across the food industry must re-think the way they manage fresh products within their supply chain. After all, as highlighted by Adam Leyland, editor of the Grocer2: “Whether it is caused by lower than expected demand; whether it fails to meet specification guidelines or is simply past its sell by date, waste is not just a mouldy loaf or furry yogurt. It costs billions.” But what steps can the industry do to overcome these hurdles?

Given that over ordering, failure to manage volatile demand patterns and poor stock rotation are all major challenges which businesses cannot afford to ignore, download this article to discover how the industry can combat these issues in order to achieve huge reductions in waste.

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