“Slim4 has played a pivotal role in our business.”

Nancy Lam

Operations Manager | Teka Malaysia

Teka Malaysia streamlines supply chain to deliver greater availability

With more than 700 SKUS, Teka Malaysia provides customers with the complete solution to satisfy their kitchen and bathroom needs.  As a leading distributor of major domestic appliances, sinks, faucets, taps and bath products, Teka Malaysia implemented Slimstock’s solution, Slim4, to streamline their operation and bolster their market position.

After going live with the inventory management tool just 2 months ago, the kitchen and bathroom specialist is already reaping the rewards.

Streamlined processes

Before working with Slim4, inaccurate forecasting was causing major headaches for the team at Teka Malaysia leading to both overstocking and understocking. Consequently, the business needed a solution that could help both eradicate excess stock as well as maximise revenue opportunities through reducing lost sales.

The partnership with Slimstock aimed to streamline the supply chain operations process and help the planning team to develop more timely and reliable forecasts based on the inventory parameters in place.

Since kicking off the optimisation project in February 2018, the following direct results have already been achieved:

  • Forecast accuracy improved to over 90%
  • 5% reduction in excess stock reserved for projects
  • Better positioned to match open sales orders with purchase orders

Pleased with the results so far, Nancy Lam sees Slim4 as a helpful work buddy in her role as the Operations Manager at Teka Malaysia. “Slim4 has played a pivotal role as it issues reminders for the day-to-day activities to ensure we have sufficient stock to cover the current and future demand,” elaborates Lam.

Visible results

During the implementation process, Lam was surprised by the efficiencies Slim4 could deliver. Sorting sales data was a tedious and lengthy process for Lam, but with Slim4, the results are visible within one click. The dashboard in Slim4 also provides her with the visibility and insight required to help her team add value to their day to day work. Lam goes on to add: “Slim4 can track trends based on the business rules in place and calculate the optimal order frequency, safety stock and reorder level.”

Lam also enjoys the positive working relationship with the Slimstock team and attributes the success of the implementation to the continuing engagement from the Slimstock consultants: “A new user needs time to develop trust in a new solution. With their team of highly trained and educated consultants, Slimstock has demonstrated professionalism in managing and supporting all our inquiries.” Lam goes on to add: “The Slimstock team have maintained constant communication with our team to ensure that we are always on the right track.”

Greater focus

Erik de Witte, Operation Director of Slimstock SEA added “It is a pleasure to work with customers who are as driven as we are at Slimstock to find the best way of working. Given Teka Malaysia’s commitment to continue improving, I am sure that there are more great results to come in the near future.”

“Inventories are the lifeblood of our business. With a healthy inventory flow, timely customer shipments are ensured and employees can proactively focus their time and energy on the items and inventory that requires their attention,” concludes Lam.

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