“Thanks to Slim4, we were able to reduce our backorders from 10% to 1%.”

Mark Roos

Purchaser | Hemmink B.V.

Hemmink strengthens position by dramically reducing stock

Hemmink offers a growing range of approximately 15,000 articles, of which 20% is held in stock. For a long time Hemmink managed their stock by using min/max levels via their previous ERP system Agresso Wholesale. “A rather cumbersome method, seeing results and methods scarcely being updated”, states Mark Roos. “Since the implementation of Slim4, this issue is a thing of the past.”

Foundation for cooperation

Slim4 offers a dynamic and user-friendly platform which creates clear daily ordering advice. Any changes are highlighted to the user through forecast exceptions. “Management by exception brings changes to light and allows us to better manage time,” says Roos. “We can now directly contact the sales department to discuss what is going on. Slim4 makes everyone work together in unison. This provides advantages for the entire organisation.”

Efficient working & sharper purchasing

“In 2013 we changed our ERP system to Microsoft Dynamics AX. By also integrating Slim4 with this ERP system, our planning has become more efficient,” says a satisfied Roos. The time saving generated, is used to manage stock for the TV, data and telecom market at an optimal level. “In this turbulent market we remain on the ball at all times. To do this we make frequent use of the ‘what-if’ scenarios that Slim4 offers. As a result we can make more accurate purchasing decisions and are in a better position for placing the correct order on time,” says a satisfied Roos.

Service level increased from 95% to 99%

Soon after the smooth implementation the stock value, currently around three million euros, dropped by 20%. At the same time the service level improved from 95% to 99%. There has also been an improvement in the number of backorders, thanks to Slim4 these have reduced from 10% to only 1%. Additionally the error rate has reduced to almost zero.

Holistic supply chain benefits

“And there are more opportunities ahead,” says Roos. “We can now strengthen our position further by processing the sales forecast of our customers in Slim4. Based on those, we can provide our suppliers with reliable forecasts, resulting in them better planning their production. That way, all parts of the supply chain profit from the benefits of the software, resulting in a win-win-win situation.”

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