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Crystal Ferguson

Buyer | Hardware Resources

"Slimstock helped us to refine our buying processes."

Since opening in 1990, Hardware Resources has grown into several product lines across multiple brands in the kitchen cabinet, bath and closet industries. This growing company designs, manufactures and sells their own products, and is a trusted name in the world of building materials.

By 2018, the company had outgrown their spreadsheet-based forecasting and ordering system. Hardware Resources chose Slimstock as their inventory management partner, and since then has reduced excess inventory, successfully expanded their product line, and opened a seventh warehouse to better serve customers.

Powerful tools for invetnory savings

Hardware Resources chose Slimstock as their inventory management partner because of Slimstock’s quick implementation, easy integration and speedy ROI.

When asked how her job has changed since Hardware Resources partnered with Slimstock, Crystal doesn’t mince words: “I love Slimstock!”

Because the previous system couldn’t classify items by turnover or manage by exception, Hardware Resources was frequently buying to forecasts that caused excess stock. This problem was especially pronounced for slow moving items, but all of that changed with Slimstock.

“Slimstock tailored our buying,” Crystal said, “It identified the items we didn’t need to buy so much of.”

With Slimstock, Crystal had detailed information on the movement of each item through their warehouses and the data to order only what was needed. As a result, Hardware Resources was able to maintain their 99%+ fill rate with less total inventory.

Slimstock supports growth

By Now in their 30th year of business, Hardware Resources prides themselves on only manufacturing and selling products whose quality they believe in. Their customers in the building materials industry have taken notice, as Hardware Resources has opened a 7th warehouse to shorten delivery times and better serve them.

“It has been tremendous,” Crystal said. In addition to lowering inventory, Slimstock has also helped Hardware Resources expand their product assortment and adjust order dates to keep items in stock during Chinese New Year.

These results are in line with what other Slimstock customers have achieved, but simplified and streamlined forecasting and supply planning are only part of what makes Slimstock essential to success. On average, companies who use Slimstock increase sales by 5% while reducing inventory by up to 30% and lowering stockouts by 50%.

Slimstock’s personnel are also a difference-maker for Hardware Resources. The support Crystal receives from the Slimstock team helps her feel like she’s set up for success.

“Debbie and Matt and the Slimstock team have been great about answering my questions,” Crystal said. “They’re always there for me.”

With Hardware Resources continuing to grow, Crystal and the rest of the buying team plan on staying very busy as markets adapt to current circumstances. When asked to sum up her feelings on Slimstock’s overall impact on her job and how it’s helped her prepare for expected future successes, Crystal is clear – “I’m very happy!”