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Alina Roldan

Logistics Manager | Emasa

“With Slim4, we reduced the inventory levels from 9 to 6 months of stock and increased availability by up to 20%”

Emasa increases availability and reduces inventory with Slim4

With the introduction of new brands and new suppliers, Emasa, a leading automotive parts and maintenance supplier in Chile, identified its inventory levels were falling short of the optimal mark. As a pivotal step in their pursuit of continuous improvement, they entered into a strategic alliance with Slimstock and adopted their Slim4 platform to enhance their forecasting, demand planning, and supply chain capabilities. 

“With Slim4, we reduced the inventory levels from 9 to 6 months of stock and increased availability by up to 20% ”
Alina Roldan | Logistics Manager | Emasa

The automotive wholesale specialist, Emasa, having established a planning department and onboarding new brands and suppliers, embarked on a quest to digitalise their supply chain processes. To modernise and optimise its operations, the business decided to implement the Slim4 platform to progress toward its objectives. 

Alina Roldán, Logistics Manager at Emasa, highlights the results: “Slim4 helped us to significantly rationalise our product range, reducing the total number of SKUs from 13,000 to 9,000 while increasing overall sales. Furthermore, we have reduced the inventory levels from 9 to 6 months of stock and increased availability by up to 20%.”  

Proven transformation partners

Following recommendations from other businesses in the field, Emasa found the ideal solution in Slimstock, a company renowned for its first-class service and software.

To ensure fast adoption, Slimstock offered a pilot to help the team get familiar with its advanced planning platform. Roldán highlights the fast implementation process and the ease of the integration: “The constant support from Slimstock’s consultancy team played a crucial role throughout the entire process. By providing daily updates and promptly reporting any challenges, Slimstock maintained constant communication with us.”

A robust platform for supply chain success

To realise its supply chain objectives, Emasa needed a solution that could adapt to the nuances of its dynamic business model.

“Slimstock’s consultants have the experience and knowledge to help us overcome whatever challenges we face. As the dynamics of our business change over time, the Slim4 platform is continuously improved to fulfil our needs. Whenever we have requested an enhancement, the team develops it quickly and transparently,” Alina points out.

Next steps for Emasa

Emasa is confident that whenever changes in the business come up again, they will be able to deal with them smoothly.

Alina concludes: “We are in constant communication with Slimstock’s team. As Slim4 is enhanced with new functionality, we work with the Slimstock team to ensure we take full advantage. We will also continue to participate in the events they organise, to keep up to date with trends in the area, and finally, we are standardising our internal processes to be able to implement them in Emasa’s latest subsidiary.”

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