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“Thanks to Slim4, we have a reliable forecast and a clear picture of the stocks. That is essential in our pursuit of continuous improvement and further growth.”

Tom Debal

Purchasing Manager | Dassy Europe

Tom Debal

Dassy Europe boost service levels to support strong growth

Dassy Europe, the leading manufacturer & distributor of professional workwear, sets the standard in quality and service. These important pillars underpin the business’ strong 20% per cent year-on-year growth.

Following the successful implementation of Slim4, the company has the right tool to efficiently manage its growing assortment as well as build more reliable forecasts. Thanks to the stock optimisation software, the service level was increased from 88 to 97%.

Dassy Europe was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of a Belgian textile group with more than 40 years of experience in the production of workwear. With a focus on high-quality professional workwear, the business rapidly increased its market share. Dassy now supplies more than 1000 dealers across 20 European countries.

To guarantee both high quality and a competitive price, the company has established a modern production facility in Sri Lanka.

Keeping the whole network in hand

Under the brand name DASSY® Professional Workwear, Dassy Europe designs, manufactures and supplies workwear for professionals in various sectors, such as construction, civil engineering and logistics.

Since its foundation in 2007, the company has experienced strong growth. Today, the business maintains its focus on functional, sustainable, high-quality and innovative products that perfectly fit the customer’s wishes. With an extensive logistics network, the workwear specialist now supports over 1,000 DASSY dealers in more than 20 European countries.

Service level increased to 97%

Highlighting the importance of forecasting, Tom Debal, purchasing manager at Dassy Europe explains: “A reliable forecast is necessary to plan production and delivery times at our manufacturing centre. It takes four months for the goods to be produced and delivered.”

With Slimstock’s inventory optimisation, DASSY was able to increase the service level from 88% in 2013 to 94% to 97%.

However, the business is now working towards further increasing the service level to 98%, with a minimal increase in the stock value. As a company that is growing and with a range that is constantly evolving to meet the wishes and requirements of modern professionals, this is quite a task. Today, the range has more than 6,500 SKUs.

Minimised risk of overstock

The business’ growth ambitions are underpinned by the further optimisation of the semi-automatic distribution warehouse. The first step in this process was to automate warehouse processes.

As a result, efficient stock management becomes even more important. For example, the planning team are now working hard to minimize the risk of overstock or obsolete stock of articles that are only sold to a limited extent, such as very small or very large sizes.
“Thanks to Slim4, we have a reliable forecast and a clear picture of the stocks. That is essential in our pursuit of continuous improvement and further growth,” adds Debal.

By supporting the efficient roll-out of new collections, Slim4 also plays a crucial role in the production planning process. The aim here is to achieve an optimal spread in production so that production capacity is used better throughout the year.

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