Gala Imports Australia, one of the leading distributors of glass containers across Australia, New Zealand and the wider Pacific region, has joined forces with Slimstock. To support continued growth and enhance customer experience, the glass container specialist will adopt Slimstock’s award-winning planning platform, Slim4.

Established in 1986, Gala Imports Australia is a 100% Australian-owned and operated family business with a proven reputation as an importer and distributor of glass containers. Serving a diverse range of industries, including fragrance, cosmetics, candle making, gourmet foods, beverages and homewares, Gala Imports Australia takes pride in its commitment to providing customers with affordable, high-quality products.

To improve customer experience and ensure the right inventory balance throughout its network, Gala Imports Australia will implement Slimstock’s award-winning platform, Slim4.

Integrating technology throughout the supply chain

By underpinning its people and processes with an advanced AI-enabled planning solution, Gala Imports Australia will automate routine planning tasks to create efficiency gains throughout its network. Furthermore, with intuitive dashboards, adaptive workflows and responsive exception-based alerts, the Slim4 platform will provide the business with the visibility and insight required to enhance cross-functional collaboration.

Highlighting the goals of the project, Andrew Albrow, Managing Director at Gala Imports Australia explains: “To realise our growth ambitions, we needed to modernise our approach to supply chain planning. Slimstock’s platform, Slim4, will help our people to make data-driven decisions, ensuring high levels of availability and flawless reliability for our customers.”

Andrew Albrow concludes: “Slim4 offers the capability to take our supply chain processes to the next level. With the winning combination of Slimstock’s domain expertise and proven track record for delivering supply chain transformation, they are the right partner to help us scale our business.”