Farmacity, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Argentina, has partnered with Slimstock to optimise its supply chain with a focus on distribution centres and shops. Founded in 1997 and owned by the Pegasus Business Group, Farmacity is a chain of Argentine pharmacies with 330 shops and 5 distribution centres throughout Argentina.

Farmacity collaborates with over 100 national and international laboratories to offer an extensive assortment of over 9,500 different types of medicine. Furthermore, the business also offers health, personal care, beauty, and household products taking the total assortment size to over 15,000 SKUs.

Farmacity embarks upon a mission to optimise its stock

For over 20 years, the company worked in a siloed fashion, with multiple Excel sheets to manually manage its inventories. Consequently, working capital was locked up in stock at distribution centres as the business struggled to maintain its exceptional service levels.

The company decided to look for a solution to optimise the stock throughout its distribution centres and stores. The first step in the process was to investigate the software available on the market. During the discovery phase, Farmacity was introduced to Slimstock’s planning platform, Slim4 via Pablo Villamil, a partner with operations in both Argentina and Uruguay.

Farmacity form a strategic partnership with Slimstock

Formal discussions between the companies began. As part of the selection process, Slimstock held a customised webinar with a focus on retail. Keen to develop the skills of its team, Farmacity also hosted an expert knowledge event where Slimstock shared the knowledge and best-practice they have gathered from working with retailers for over 30 years.

For Farmacity, this was an important selling point. And in 2022, Farmacity formalised the partnership with Slimstock.

Next steps

With the project now well underway, Slim4 will be rolled out across all their shops in Argentina. Explaining the progress made so far, Mariano Devito, Head of Supply Chain IT states: “We know that the expectations we have will be fulfilled. The support and consultancy have been delivered as promised.”

“We are very confident that Slimstock is the right partner to help us move forwards. The implementation process has been smooth so far and the future look promising,” concludes Ariel Campenni, Assistant Manager of Engineering & Logistics Projects.