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Are you the talent who knows all about stock and supply chains? Then take part in our National Stock Test 2024. This is the test where you can showcase your knowledge about inventory management and supply chains. In the complex world of inventory management, supply chain professionals are challenged daily with various dilemmas. Do you know how to parry all the dilemmas and do you have all the knowledge needed to solve each inventory problem? Then crown yourself a weekly winner and maybe more!

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Are you the smartest in the week you played? Then not only do you have a chance to win one of our weekly prizes! You will automatically be invited to the selection day, with the main prize: A place in our Young Professional programme! There are several spots to be given away, so put it on and become the weekly winner!

Are you ready to test your knowledge and show that you understand the ins and outs of managing inventory effectively? Then take the test now and find out where you stand in the world of inventory management! Good luck!

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About the stock test

The knowledge test consists of 13 questions, ranging from open-ended and multiple-choice. It takes about 60 minutes to complete. The test is free to take.

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Become a Young Professional

Win one of our weekly prizes and our grand prize: a place in our Young Professional Programme!

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Do you have any questions about this test or the Young Professional programme? Then please contact Ruben Schlüter at

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Young Professionals

    Frequently asked questions

    Why the National Stock Test?

    We like to offer new talent the chance to develop further. With the National Stock Test, we offer you the opportunity to prove your knowledge that we cannot ignore. At the same time, you know how good your knowledge of stock management is. A win-win situation.

    How often can you participate?

    Participation in the National Stock Test 2024 is possible only once per person. The promotional period runs from Thursday 4 April 2024 to Thursday 16 May 2024.

    Who is the stock test for?

    The National Stock Test 2024 is organised exclusively for wo-master students or those who have graduated within the last three years. There is no age limit attached to this test.

    What can you win?

    The National Stock Test can be played from Thursday 4 April 2024 to Thursday 16 May 2024. You immediately qualify for selection day where you compete against other week winners. In this final round, you will compete against each other for the main prize: A possible place in our Young Professional programme!

    What does the selection day look like?

    The selection day will take place on Thursday 13 June. The purpose of the selection day is to get to know each other and see if you are a good fit for the Young Professional programme.

    What kind of questions will be asked during the test?

    The National Stock Test 2024 tests your knowledge of stock management. There are both open-ended and multiple-choice questions.

    Game rules National Stock Test:

    The following rules apply to participation in the National Stock Test:

    • The National Stock Test is designed for wo-master students;
    • The weekly prize is awarded each week to the person with the highest score;
    • The grand prize can only be won by wo students;
    • Participants should register in advance with a valid e-mail address and phone number;
    • Each participant may play a maximum of once with a unique e-mail address. Participation is free of charge;
    • The action period for the grand prize is from Thursday 4 April 2024 to Thursday 16 May 2024. Participants who play the test after 16 May 2024 will not compete for the prizes;
    • Each test consists of 13 questions, ranging between open-ended and multiple-choice;
    • The score is determined based on the number of correctly answered questions (measured over the total of the questions) and the time taken by the participant to answer the questions;
    • Personal data will be handled exclusively by Slimstock BV.

    Disclaimer: No correspondence can be entered into about the results of the National Stock Test and no rights can be derived from participation. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. Slimstock BV is not responsible for the consequences of computer and/or internet malfunctions and excludes all liability in case participation is (temporarily) impossible due to any malfunction.

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    With over 1 500 customers, Slimstock is a market leader and specialist in providing knowledge and software in forecasting, demand planning, supply chain management and inventory management. Our software package Slim4 helps customers get the right stock in the right place at the right time. We help our customers reduce inventory while increasing service levels.

    We are a growing, international organisation, with a down-to-earth working mentality and like to put our shoulders to the wheel together. We lunch together daily in our own Slimstock Café, where we have weekly drinks. We also have our own Slimstock Academy where both our clients and our own (international) colleagues attend training courses. Time to work hard and time to party.

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