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Obliterate False Narratives Within Distribution

Multiple dates
04:00 PM EST
Dennis Weir

Dennis Weir

Business Development Executive, Slimstock


Dirk Beveridge

Founder, UnleashWD

While the distribution business may sound simple, the industry has several unique challenges that continuously pressure organizations to evolve and optimize processes.

The pandemic has exacerbated these challenges, where distributors are facing unpredictable demand, massive supply chain disruption, and workforce safety issues. The need for agility and continuous innovation has become more apparent than ever.

Slimstock, partnered with Dirk Beveridge, and the voice of over 175 distributor professionals, have come along to break the shackles of distribution misconceptions and dive deep into a meaningful exchange that is guaranteed to help you positively reframe the narrative of distribution.

Who should attend?

  • Distributors who are interested in learning about the common distribution misconceptions and how you can efficiently tackle them

Webinar Details

6 part webinar series that will take place on every second Thursday from February to July

Thursday, 14th April – 04:00 PM EST
Thursday, 12th May – 04:00 PM EST
Thursday, 9th June – 04:00 PM EST
Thursday, 14th July – 04:00 PM EST

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