Oep X Slimstock Abc Analysis Masterclass

[Past Event] Masterclass: ABC Analysis – The Ultimate Guide

Thursday 16-12-2021
12:00 – 13:00 AEDT
Frank Round

Frank Bucolo

Supply Chain Expert

Scott Blakemore OEP

Scott Blakemore

Operations Excellence Expert


Imagine you have a product range of more than 1,000 SKUs that are being purchased from 100 different suppliers and sold to countless customers.

For all these SKUs, you would need to make the following decisions daily:

“When should I place orders?”
“What quantity should I order?”

Two important factors to consider in order to answer these questions are how frequently these items are selling and what the turnover value is. However, if these were the only parameters to consider, the life of a planner would have been much easier.

In this FREE Masterclass, Frank Bucolo, Supply Chain Consultant at Slimstock, and Scott Blakemore, Managing Partner from Operational Excellence Partners, will walk you through ABC analysis, why you should focus on your assortment and the various factors associated to that.

Who should attend

This webinar is exclusively aimed at General Directors, Senior Leaders, Managers, and planners responsible for supply chain, logistics, operations, finance, purchasing, planning, or procurement at inventory holding companies.

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