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Key User Training

Multiple dates
13:30- 17:00
Sarah Square

Sarah Mouchaorab


Key User Training

Take your Slim4 knowledge to the next level. Gain the insight and knowledge you need to thrive as a key user.

This Four-half- day training is designed for experienced Slim4 users and users returning to the system.

After completing this training, you will have a complete understanding of the main features and functionalities of Slim4.

Covering topics such as interfacing and user maintenance, the key user training is designed to help you and your team take full advantage of our supply chain optimization solution.

This training is for customers only. 


Programme Details

The Slim4 Key User Training takes place over four half business days. During the programme, you will have plenty of time to discuss your business-specific challenges.

Day 1 – October 03 – 1:30pm – 5pm ET

  • General structure of Slim4
  • Data Management
  • Scheduler

Day 2 – October 04– 1:30pm – 5pm ET

  • System Log
  • Setup & configuration of Slim4
  • Users & Authorisation Groups
  • Table Configuration

Day 3 – October 05  – 1:30pm – 5pm ET

  • Field Access & Update
  • User Interface
  • Forecast & Demand

Day 4 – October 06  – 1:30pm – 5pm ET

  • Inventory
  • Seasonality
  • Configure Order Groups



This program is designed to help operational managers to lead the planning team and users of Slim4. To take full advantage of this training, you must first complete the Basic User Training.

Key User Training – October 2022

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