Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit

Tomorrow’s Resilience is Built Today

Get ready to shape the future of supply chain planning by transforming how people, technology and processes intersect to achieve new levels of resiliency.  

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit is the premier destination for supply chain planning leaders, whose each day seems more challenging as network complexity, demand volatility, and supply disruptions show no signs of improvement. Now more than ever, supply chain planning leaders are expected to drive sharper visibility, faster decision-making, and more sustainable business outcomes.  

Start date: Monday 30 October
End date: Tuesday 31 October
Location: London

Expert Speaker Session: Your Strategy Needs a Strategy, Rethink Your IBP 

Rachid Labrik, Vice President, Slimstock 

Formulating a vision and strategy to sustain profitability is one of the most important expectations from C-Suite. But executing that strategy and taking it from the top floor to the shop floor isn’t easy. Strategy execution is equally important as strategy formulation. Organisations that derive greater value-add from their strategies are ones that have an effective way of putting them into action on the tactical and operational level, which is where IBP, on top of S&OE, plays an essential role. Join this session to learn how IBP can become a strategic asset to your business. 



Meet your team

Rachid Labrik
Vice President
Sadi (AK) Al Sadi
Chief Executive Officer Middle East and Africa
Ghita Iraqui
Marketing Director
Sam Phipps
Sam Phipps
UK Marketing Director

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