Webinar | 5 steps to S&OP success

Ubt Webinar

Led by Colin Ward, Consultant and Expert in inventory optimisation, this online session will help you enhance internal collaboration and establish a more effective and harmonious supply chain processes.

This FREE event is aimed exclusively at senior leaders and managers with a focus on boosting the performance of their logistics, operations, finance, purchasing, planning and procurement processes.

Revealed: The secret to unlocking a more collaborative future

After helping over 1000+ businesses to establish effective S&OP processes, we have developed a step by step guide to boost internal collaboration. These 5 simple steps will enable your business to forge stronger interdepartmental relationships as the entire business works together to ad greater value to the end customer.

In this concise webinar, Colin explains how you can implement the following steps to build a successful Sales & Operations planning process:

  • How to determine the right objectives for your S&OP process
  • Best practices to get sales, logistics, finance and management working together in perfect harmony
  • How to run more effective S&OP meetings
  • What KPIs you must implement to measure and evaluate results


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