Premium Content Pack: Kickstart your S&OP transformation

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An effective S&OP, S&OE and IBP process should pull teams from across your business together to bridge the divide between strategic planning and execution. Whether you are at the start of your transformation journey or have a mature process in place, this premium content pack contains the must-have resource to help you build a best-in-class supply chain: 

  •  Integrated Business Process Flow 

Visualise each phase of your integrated business planning process & outline the roles & responsibilities of key stakeholders. 

  • Is your business ready for S&OP? 

Find out how well-prepared your business is for S&OP. Take our 11-step scorecard to assess your S&OP readiness. 

  • Adding science to the supply chain 

How can innovative technology underpin the people & processes throughout your supply chain? Find out how AI can help you capitalise on new opportunities and identify risks sooner. 

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