Revealed! 3 critical supply chain metrics you can not ignore if you want to thrive in 2020!

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Inventory Power Index

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A simple guide to effective supply chain planning

To help you prepare for supplier closures, we have put together a simple infographic. By following these milestones, you can ensure you have taken all the necessary steps to:

  • Build robust demand forecasts
  • Align sales, operations & the wider business
  • Secure availability without over investing in inventory

How do you compare to our competitors…

inventory power scoreAfter helping over 1000+ businesses to optimise their inventory, our inventory experts know a thing a two about what sets the best performing businesses apart:

  • Strategic Focus
  • Team Efficiency
  • Inventory Performance

Get these 3 fundamentals right and you will quickly see dramatic improvements across your entire business!


To help you benchmark your performance in these 3 key areas, our research team has developed 12 quick-fire questions to help you explore your current inventory processes.

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