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Demand Planning during a Recession

Wednesday 07-12-2022
12-1pm CST
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Demand Planning during a Recession: How to empower your supply chain

Lead times are returning to the pre-covid norms. But it seems fresh disruption is on the horizon.

As the US braces for higher interest rates, soaring gas prices and an emerging recession, it is vital you prepare your supply chain for the rough waters that lie ahead.

These Post-COVID challenges may create volatile conditions for both supply and demand. As a result, demand planners need the right tools to tackle these challenges head-on.

Join our live session as we reveal how you can overcome these uncertain times to build a more resilient supply chain.

In this webinar, our team will explore how to best identify and solve demand and supply planning. We will also discuss what steps you can take to recession-proof your inventory strategy by focusing on the products that matter most.

This session will include:

  1. What tools can you deploy to identify post-Covid demand shifts
  2. Best practice to mitigate risk throughout your product assortment
  3. How to prepare your supply chain for a recession
  4. Case study of a current client’s success
  5. Understand the potential return on investment (ROI) your organization can expect


Meet Your Speakers

Rob Van Der Heiden

International General Manager


Dennis Weir

Business Development Executive


Ryan Shanks

Strategic Accounts Executive


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