Gerardo Pérez Cotapos

Finance Manager | Oxiquim

"We attained a significant increase in profitability through optimising our investment in working capital. This project has undoubtedly paid off handsomely."

Oxiquim celebrates 65 years as a supplier with 3 different industrial divisions; 1) Distribution of chemical products, importing, storing and selling raw materials; 2) Manufacture of resins for board adhesives in construction and furniture industries; 3) Maritime terminals with port infrastructure for unloading, storage and dispatch of chemical products.

Slimstock offers the best alternative

For Oxiquim, the process to select a tool that would Axonal help the business overcome the industry challenges they faced was not easy. Gerardo Pérez Cotapos, Finance Manager at Oxiquim highlights how he and his team has to find the best option from a wide range of alternatives. Oxiquim established a multi-disciplinary committee made up of Finance, Commercial, IT, Purchasing, Operations and Planning.

After validating Slimstock as a leader in inventory optimisation, comparing it with the competition and visiting its local clients, the business entered negotiations. After a detailed review of several vendors, the committee agreed that Slimstock’s supply chain optimisation tool, Slim4, was the best tool in the market to meet the business’ needs.

Successful implementation

The Slim4 software implementation process was considered a big success by Oxiquim. Highlighting their experience throughout the implementation process, the users noted the punctuality of the Slimstock team in meeting deadlines as well as the clean structure of the process itself.

The Finance Manager goes on to explain how Slim4 has helped the team since going live: “We attained a significant increase in profitability through optimising our investment in working capital.  This project has undoubtedly paid off handsomely.”

He goes on to compliment the role Slimstock’s consultants played in supporting the implementation process and attaining the subsequent results.

Optimum results with slim4

“Slim4 now underpins all of our inventory management and planning processes. As a result, we have improved product availability, reduced the associated costs and improved the level of service. In addition, Slim4 has also become a support tool for the sales teams,” Gerardo Pérez Cotapos

One year after successfully implementing Slim4, the business can see the value of Slimstock as a long-term partner: a 19% decrease in the value of active stocked items and a 25% decrease in excess as availability across the entire assortment increased by 93%.