kirstin ash

“Our inventory team now have a better understanding of how they leverage performance improvements.”

Nick Ash

Managing Director | Kirstin Ash

Kirstin Ash support ecommerce growth with Slim4

Discover how Kirstin Ash overcame the disruption caused by Covid-19 to support tremendous growth in eCommerce sales.


Stocked in over 150 leading boutiques across Australia and the world, Kirstin Ash is the premium name for jewellery. Following the significant disruption caused by Covid-19, the market conditions have changed significantly.

Faced with inbound logistic delays, supply shortages & soaring demand from online channels, Kirstin Ash needed to quickly re-evaluate its inventory management strategies.

Find out how the leading retailer utilised Slim4 to mitigate supply chain risk and guarantee product availability.


  • Efficiency
    Enhanced collaboration with suppliers
  • Slimstock Inventory
    Attained greater visibility
  • Sales
    Better positioned to anticipate seasonal spikes

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kirstin ash

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