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Steven Lin

Purchasing and Inventory Planner | Eurofase

“Within just six months of implementing Slim4, availability across our top-performing items increased from 94.6% to 97.1%”

As a trailblazer in lighting design, Eurofase is renowned for its captivating products. With increasing supply chain disruption, the company launched a digital transformation project to enhance visibility throughout its end-to-end operation. Within just six months, the results were evident: enhanced customer experience and optimised working capital investment.  

Challenges & Goals

Dedicated to providing customers with cutting-edge designs and enduring quality, Eurofase must navigate fluctuating demand and unpredictable product life cycles. Furthermore, given a substantial proportion of the product range is sourced from Asia and the Far East, the planning team also faces significant challenges due to supply chain disruptions and erratic lead times. 

 To improve resilience against disruption, Eurofase needed an advanced supply chain planning platform to improve product availability and unlock efficiency gains across its end-to-end operation.   

Project scope

Focused on creating a healthier inventory balance throughout its network, Eurofase joined forces with Slimstock to initiate a digitalisation project. As part of the supply chain transformation, the lighting specialist implemented Slimstock’s AI-powered planning platform, Slim4.  


The Slim4 platform has enabled Eurofase to anticipate and respond to disruption with confidence by equipping the planning team with greater insight and forward visibility. By adopting a data-driven approach to supply chain planning, the business has already achieved notable enhancements in performance: 

  • 6.1% reduction in inventory  
  • 94.6% to 97.1% availability increase across the top product lines 
  • $1.1 million working capital unlocked 

Improved visibility

Slim4’s powerful machine learning-enabled forecasting algorithms empower the planning team to better anticipate emerging trends and evolving product lifecycles. Furthermore, thanks to Slim4’s powerful customer forecasting capabilities, the lighting specialist can now access granular insights into the purchasing behaviour of its key customer accounts. 

 “We now have a much clearer picture of future demand. As a result, within just six months of implementing Slim4, availability across our top-performing items increased from 94.6% to 97.1%.” 

Steven Lin | Purchasing and Inventory Planner | Eurofase

Enhanced efficiency

With the Slim4 platform now embedded across the business, Eurofase has streamlined supply chain workflows to create efficiencies throughout its operation. 

 Wei Wei, Supply Chain Manager at Eurofase, highlights: ” By automating routine supply chain tasks and providing the team with responsive exception-based alerts, we are far more adaptive to the market dynamics. More importantly, with the time-savings created by Slim4, we can dedicate more attention to fine-tuning our processes.” 

 “By providing our team with the time and tools to investigate the impact of service level or safety stock parameters changes, we have already begun to create efficiency improvements. As a result, in the short time we have been using Slim4, inventory levels have been reduced by 6.1%, freeing up over $1.1 million in working capital,” adds the Supply Chain Manager.  

Next Steps

In pursuit of further performance improvements, Eurofase will continue its partnership with Slimstock’s supply chain experts, actively contributing to the ongoing growth of the business. 

Steven Lin concludes: “Slimstock has been an outstanding partner for our company. With the fast and responsive support backed up by their insightful events and academy training courses, we have quickly adopted the Slim4 platform. Slimstock has been an outstanding partner for our company.” 


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