Undiemeister combats overstock with Slimstock support


The apparel brand, Undiemeister will implement Slimstock’s supply chain planning platform Slim4 to improve service levels across their diverse sales channels. With this transformation project, the supplier of high-quality men’s underwear will achieve the optimal inventory balance, eliminating overstock, optimising its working capital investment in stock levels and minimising waste.

For several years, Undiemeister has been hard at work conquering the underwear market, offering an extensive range of T-shirts, socks, polos and swimwear, in addition to boxer shorts and briefs. The underwear manufacturer is underpinned by its sustainable vision using a unique, sustainable fabric called Mellowood to produce its range. This sustainable textile consists of organic cotton that is 100% eco-friendly and CO2 neutral.

To enhance the sustainability aspect and position themselves as leaders in the apparel market, tackling overstock and minimising waste are fundamental steps in the underwear manufacturer’s path to excellence. And so, to support these business objectives, Undiemeister has launched a supply chain transformation project in collaboration with Slimstock.


Maximised availability

With its one-day-delivery promise, maintaining high availability across all of their diverse sales channels is crucial to fulfil its customer orders. However, achieving the right inventory balance for all size variants and product styles across their e-commerce website, bol.com and Amazon sales channels, whilst also reducing waste, was a challenge for the e-commerce retailer.

The adoption of the Slim4 platform will therefore play a crucial role in ensuring high service levels while lowering supply chain costs. In addition, the AI-driven supply chain planning platform will enable Undiemeister to respond flexibly to volatile demand, and Slim4 will also help Undiemeister with optimal in- and out-phasing of new product lines, thus reducing unnecessary waste.

With extensive experience in the apparel industry, Slimstock provides valuable expertise to support Undiemeister in addressing its inventory challenges. Undiemeister’s decision to adopt the supply chain platform reflects its commitment to advancing sustainability goals.

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