Over the last 25 year’s Slimstock has grown to become Europe’s market leader in inventory optimisation. Throughout this time, Slimstock enjoyed growth both within Europe but also globally. As part of the business’ strategic focus on growth, Slimstock is now expanding into Oceania to help businesses in the region attain the operational excellence.

In October, Slimstock will launch a new office in Melbourne, Australia. Fleur Smits, together with her husband Aad Smits will move to Melbourne in the coming month to setup the office with the goal of expanding Slimstock’s market and to provide local support to our customers based in Australian and New Zealand.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand can expect closer contact

Aad Smits joined Slimstock more than four years ago and during his time as a consultant, he’s been involved in many different projects with a variety of customers.

“What I like about my job is that we can really help our customers and see the results after we’ve implemented our software, Slim4. In addition to this, it’s great to work for a big range of customers in many different industries. Having completed various implementations at both wholesale and retail customers, this has helped me to understand processes from different perspectives in the supply chain. Because I really believe in our product, I can’t wait to help our Australian and New Zealand customers to optimise their inventories and increase service levels,” Aad Smits, (Country Manager Australia), Slimstock.

Fleur Smits has a wealth of experience, having worked for a multinational in the area of supply chain and management and logistics. Fleur has extensive experience in improving and optimising supply chain flows to reduce costs and improve performance.

“I am really looking forward to opening the office in Australia to deliver full support in Oceania. A local presence will allow us to have very close contact with our customers” explains Fleur, (Business development and Consultancy), Slimstock.

Both are very excited to setup Slimstock’s new business in Australia: “We get a lot of energy by helping our existing and future customers to manage their inventory efficiently and effectively. Of course, it’s great to be given the opportunity to take Slimstock to the other side of the world!”