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Slimstock Canada, a national leader in inventory optimization, today announced the opening of new offices in downtown Toronto. The offices were opened to accommodate the company’s rapid growth in Canada.

Ludovic Magne, Country Manager for Slimstock Canada, said, “We are no longer the new kids in the block. We see this new office in Toronto as the re-launch of Slimstock Canada.”

To celebrate, Slimstock Canada held a “New Year Get Together” event on the evening of January 16, 2020. The event was attended by Slimstock Canada’s customers and partners, including employees from Stryker to Tree of Life. 


The new offices are a part of  Slimstock Canada’s growth strategy for the coming years. Currently, the company has 15 customers in Canada, and worldwide, Slimstock recently celebrated acquiring its 1,000th, customer.  

Slimstock Cake“The supply chain network 
in Canada is very interesting for us, as it is very complex,” Magne said.  The intricate complexity of the logistics, compounded with low business process automation and high labour costs, creates a very exciting opportunity for inventory optimization.”   

With political turmoil and increased need to have a greener supply chain, Slimstock is looking forward to supporting its customers in reducing working capital and waste.  

Another primary strategy for Slimstock Canada in 2020 is to upgrade and transition all existing and new customers from the current iteration of Slim4, their forecasting and supply planning software, to its latest version, Slim4 Web Client. 

“Slim4 Web Client will allow us to have a better impact on automating inventory management processes and achieving operational efficiency. It will also foster higher visibility and collaboration of existing insights, and magnify the effect of those insights within companies.” Magne said. 

As the company continues to grow and evolve throughout the coming years, Slimstock Canada will continue with its knowledge sharing through blogs, whitepapers, speaking sessions with Supply Chain Canada, roundtable networking sessions and webinars.  

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