Slimstock Canada and Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning today announced they have begun a partnership to share knowledge and expertise. Already home to one of the nation’s leading supply chain programs, Humber faculty, staff and students will look to strengthen their curriculum with lessons learned from Slimstock’s real-world experience.

The mission of the partnership is to equip students with the latest inventory management and supply planning best practices. Students will benefit from Slimstock’s years of experience in navigating industry challenges and have the opportunity to work firsthand with the best of breed inventory management & forecasting technology.

“Slimstock has always had a focus on knowledge sharing. We recognized early on that improving and optimizing inventory does not stop with just providing the right fix to immediate problems,” said Ludovic Magne, Slimstock Canada’s Country Manager. “Instead, our experience has shown us that it’s more important to understand the fundamentals of supply planning and build on them with advanced software technology to create long-term solutions. Humber’s emphasis on Supply Chain Management bridging and the success they’ve had with it makes Slimstock a natural ally.”

The digital transformation of the supply chain industry will be the primary focus of Slimstock and Humber’s partnership. As forecasting and supply planning software becomes more capable, it also requires new skillsets for students embarking on a supply chain career. By providing Humber students industry best practices and on-site, hands-on customer visits they will be better equipped to drive the next generation of supply chain innovation.

“We are looking forward to contributing to Humber’s goal to create the future supply chain leaders in Canada,” said Magne.

“The Slimstock Inventory Optimization software and accompanying simulation program will give our Supply Chain Management students a platform to make supply chain decisions and instantly see their impact,” said Angelo Crupi, Program Coordinator of the Supply Chain Management program, Humber College. “It’s an opportunity to apply the theories they’ve learned in a simulated, risk-free environment.”

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