Sabco Australia has been delivering quality cleaning products to Australians for over 130 years and has taken a bold step towards modernising its inventory management by partnering with Slimstock. Faced with balancing inventory levels, maximizing service levels, and optimizing ERP system efficiency, Sabco chose the Slim4 solution to specifically address data segregation and errors in manual management.

The main objective of the project focuses on efficient product categorisation, enabling strategic prioritisation. In addition, Slimstock will introduce advanced tools, such as dashboards and exception tracking, setting a clear path towards operational excellence.

This partnership reflects Sabco’s strong commitment to innovation, backed by Slimstock’s leading expertise in world-class inventory management solutions. Kathy Fitzgerald, Operations Director at Sabco, explains: “The choice of Slimstock not only seeks to overcome current challenges, but also to anticipate and lead changes in the future for our planning team.

She concludes: “With this partnership, Sabco is poised to drive transformation in inventory management, cementing our company’s position as a leader in the Australian market. We are very pleased to be able to meet our inventory targets, continuing our tradition of providing quality cleaning products for over 130 years.”