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REMA 1000 enrich the end-to-end value chain with Slimstock

Rema 1000

The discount retailer, Rema 1000, has embarked upon a major end to end supply chain optimisation project. Focused on strengthening its competitive advantage, the discounter will join forces with the inventory experts at Slimstock.

As one of the best-known brands in Danish retail, Rema 1000 is recognised for their passion and focus on customer satisfaction. Amidst intensifying competition and rapidly evolving customer behaviour, the retailer has formed a strategic partnership with the inventory experts Slimstock to help optimise inventory across their expansive operation.

Driving efficiency across the supply chain

With a 344-strong network of franchise stores across Denmark, Rema 1000 provides local communities with a refined selection of top-quality products at a great price. Nick Norman Jensen, Flow of Goods Manager explains: “To offer our store owners and end customers the best possible value, we must take every possible step to maximise the efficiency of our operation.”

As an initiative led by the retailer’s distribution company, Reitan Distribution, the initial focus of the project will be on maximising product availability at the central distribution centre. Through professionalising and automating inventory management processes across the entire supply chain, Reitan Distribution and Rema 1000 will set the foundation on which to establish a fully integrated end to end operation.

REMA 1000

In addition to Rema 1000, Reitan Distribution also supports the retail distribution operations for several major chains including 7-eleven, Circle K, OK Plus, Q8 and Arctic Imports; distributing goods to over 900 stores every day.

Intelligent purchasing decisions

Explaining how the decision to work with Slimstock will support Rema 1000 in their growth objectives, Jensen adds: “We are constantly looking to improve our business concept. We can create advantages by making more intelligent purchasing decisions. For this reason, we are taking every step to evolve our current reactive processes to establish far more proactive ways of working.”

To help set a new standard in operational excellence, Rema 1000 will implement Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4. “By implementing an advanced inventory management tool, we will gain greater visibility and control over the entire chain. This will help minimise the risk of supplier errors, missed deliveries and above all, instore availability issues. Ultimately, this will help our franchisee partners to attain a stronger stock position: all while eliminating waste.”

The decision to implement Slim4 followed an extensive review of the market. “Throughout the selection process, Slimstock demonstrated a deep understanding of both the food sector and the requirements of our business. This, combined with their proven technology and retail experience outlined Slimstock as the right partner to help us realise our goals.”

Nick goes on to add: “As a business that is similar to ours in terms of communication and approach to decision making, it was clear there is strong chemistry between Slimstock and our people.”

REMA 1000

By offering the planning team the complete solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory optimisation, Slim4 will complement Rema 1000’s wider IT Infrastructure. “Our ambition was to make it as easy as possible for our people to become ‘good buyers’. With the advanced functionality of Slim4, I have no doubt we will be able to simplify the ordering processes.”

Peter Bocken, Director of retail at Slimstock goes on to conclude: “As a business that has a proven track record for innovation, Rema 1000 is a fantastic example of a business that is constantly striving to improve customer experience. As they set the foundation for a fully integrated supply chain, we are excited to support Rema 1000 on every step of their journey towards operational excellence.”

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