Parfym, one of Sweden’s pioneers in online beauty sales, has launched a major supply chain initiative to boost customer satisfaction.

For over 15 years, Parfym has stirred up the beauty industry by offering customers an online alternative to traditional perfumeries. With an extensive range encompassing perfume, skincare, makeup and haircare, the beauty brand sets the industry standard for its unrivalled product availability & choice.

Supply chain innovation

To support growth, Parfym continues to invest in its supply chain. With a focus on improving cash flow and efficiency, the leading beauty brand has formed a strategic partnership with the inventory experts at Slimstock.

Highlighting the strategic importance of the project, Ehsan Ghaffari, CTO & COO at Parfym, explains: “customer value is at the heart of everything we do at Parfym. For this reason, we are proud to be recognised as one of the best-rated companies on Trustpilot for customer satisfaction. However, as the complexity of operation increases, we must take steps to future-proof our supply chain.”

Leveraging data

Ehsan Ghaffari CTO - Parfym

As part of a company-wide digitalisation journey, the leading eCommerce business has taken bold steps to innovate its end-to-end operation. “The purpose of our customer-centric strategy is to build a solid and scalable platform where we utilise data on a big scale to provide an excellent customer experience,” adds Ehsan.

To help the business to leverage its supply chain data, Parfym has implemented Slimstock’s advanced supply chain optimisation solution, Slim4. By providing greater visibility over product hierarchies, Slim4 will help the business to drive efficiencies throughout its omnichannel operation.

Long term partner

Explaining the decision to partner with Slimstock, Ehsan states: “During the tender process, Slimstock took the time to understand both our requirements and the complexities of our business. From experience, this is a critical stage that often sets the foundation for a successful implementation.”

After reviewing several systems, Ehsan and his team decided to proceed with Slimstock. “It was clear that Slimstock’s solution could support the scale and complexity of our operation, even as our business grows. With Slimstock’s experience in the eCommerce sector, coupled with their intuitive software tool, we were confident that they were the best partner for us.”

Sabina Remahl, Supply Planner and Slim4 superuser at Parfym goes on to add: “Slim4 is incredibly user-friendly. With its intuitive UX, we can see what actions we need to take on a day-to-day basis to hit our KPIs. Having used similar tools in the past, Slim4 is the most powerful and easy to use supply chain optimisation platform.”

 Sabina Remahl supply planner at Parfym


Next steps

Following a quick implementation, the planning team at Parfym are already starting to see the value of the new solution.

Ehsan adds: “We wouldn’t have been able to implement the project in record time without the amazing support from the team at Slimstock. We were clear about our functional requirements during the initial tender process. However, during the implementation and training sessions, it became evident that Slim4 has a wide range of additional functions. As we build confidence in the system, we are convinced that Slim4 is the perfect platform to enable continuous supply chain optimisation.”

Mikael Wiklund, Commercial Director at Slimstock Sweden concludes: “We are extremely excited to support Parfym on their journey to operational excellence. Given the business’ ambitious plans for the future, we are proud that Parfym selected our solution to increase availability, improve visibility and reduce inventory throughout the business. With the implementation project now complete, we look forward to working as an extension of their fantastic team for years to come.”