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OT Group find a win-win solution with Slimstock

OT Group

As the UK’s most extensive supplier of workplace products and services, OT Group has kicked off a major supply chain project focused on inventory optimisation. To improve customer service levels and gain greater control of their assortment, the leading distributor of office supplies will collaborate with the inventory experts at Slimstock.

With a consolidated range of over 100,000 different items, OT Group offer everything a professional could need to build a great working space.

Explaining the importance of offering its customers a trusted single source of essential business supplies, David Harvell, IT Director at OT Group explains: “We strive to operate as an extension of our customer’s procurement team. Therefore, to maintain our industry-leading standards in both value and service, we are always looking for new ways to optimise our way of working.”

To support the business’ ambitious supply chain objectives in 2021, the management team at OT Group decided to proceed with Slimstock. “After reviewing several partners, it was clear that Slimstock offered the knowledge and expertise to help us step-up our approach to inventory management,” highlights David.

As part of the optimisation project, the business will implement Slimstock’s advanced platform for inventory management, Slim4. The inventory solution will help the planning team to reduce the need for manual processes as well as set a solid foundation for better collaboration.

The IT Director adds: “The advanced forecasting functionality within Slim4 will provide our team with better visibility. Furthermore, by automating our inventory processes, we will be able to dedicate more time to other initiatives that add value to our customers.”

Will Severn, UK sales director at Slimstock, adds: “The detailed selection process undertaken by OT Group meant they were able to get under the skin of Slimstock and how we operate. We are looking forward to proving OT Group right for selecting us from the extensive list of companies they reviewed by delivering the service level improvements they wish to achieve.”

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