With a clear focus on improved customer service and operational efficiency, Nevilles, a long established and well-known tableware and catering equipment supplier to the UK, Eire and European professional catering sector, has formed a strategic partnership with the inventory experts at Slimstock.

Since 1965, Nevilles has supplied the hospitality sector with its award-winning Genware branded catering and tableware range. With an assortment of over 4000 products, each item is designed to ensure the ideal balance of quality, fitness for purpose and value for money.

Highlighting how the unique product range is complemented by exceptional service, Tristan Jones, Operations Director at Nevilles states: “In our industry, it’s vital that customer orders are delivered on time, in full, every time. For this reason, we strive every day to go the extra mile to build upon our industry-leading availability standards.”

The last 8 years have seen impressive growth in demand, leading Nevilles to identify a need to modernise its supply chain and inventory processes. “With increasingly more complex demands to manage, our existing inventory processes had become stretched. Given the additional planning challenges that come with managing a global supplier base, we needed to take steps to unify our operation,” explains Tristan.

To gain greater control over the inventory, Nevilles will implement Slimstock’s advanced tool for inventory optimisation, Slim4. Tristan adds: “Through helping us to automate our operation, we expect to increase stock turn and reduce inventory levels while freeing up more time to focus on areas like new product development.”

Explaining the decision to work with Slimstock, the operations director goes on to highlight: “Many teams across the Nevilles business depend upon clear visibility over the inventory to function effectively. As such, we are fully committed to optimising this essential area of our operation. However, to help us deliver our ambitious goals, we needed a partner who both shared our business mind-set and offered the right domain expertise.”

During the selection process, Slimstock worked closely with the team at Nevilles to identify key areas for development: “Their inventory experts took the time to truly understand our business. As a result, we could not only see the immediate benefits of implementing Slim4 but also strategic performance improvements we could deliver in the long-term”

Will Severn, UK sales director at Slimstock commented: “Like Slimstock, Nevilles is a customer-first business and we are very proud to be selected as a strategic partner. There is no doubt that we will support Tristan and the team to deliver the first-class service Nevilles are known for, whilst implementing the efficiencies and cost savings afforded by Slim4.”