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Madison race ahead with supply chain initiative


Madison, the #1 UK supplier of cycle parts & accessories has joined forces with the inventory experts at Slimstock in a major supply chain project to improve service to its customers.

Madison has always striven to offer the best possible customer service and is seeking to invest in new solutions to meet the fast-evolving challenges it faces.

Over the last 18 months, the cycling sector has faced significant supply chain disruption. With soaring demand, coupled with widespread supply challenges, Madison identified a need for an advanced solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory management.

Patrick Barker, Commercial Director at Madison, explains: “As more and more and people get back on the saddle, we must continue to invest in our supply chain to maintain and develop the industry-leading levels of availability our customers have come to expect.”

After reviewing several planning tools, Patrick and his team decided to proceed with Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4.

“By providing better forward visibility, Slim4 will allow our planning team to work with suppliers to attain even higher product availability. Furthermore, by helping us to automate supply chain processes, the solution will free up our team’s time to focus on other value-add initiatives,” adds Patrick.

Highlighting the decision to partner with Slimstock, the Commercial Director adds: “During the selection process, Slimstock’s team took the time to understand how our business operates and where the opportunities for optimisation exist. This, combined with their exciting product development roadmap, outlined them as the right long-term partner to help our business move forward.”

Will Severn, Head of Sales at Slimstock, concludes: “We’re really excited to start our partnership with Madison and I’m sure Slim4 will become a vital part of their continued growth in the coming years. Slimstock’s position as market leaders in the bike sector across Europe has without question been solidified by Madison putting their faith in us.”

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