As new trends and developments emerge, it is vital that the role of inventory managers and planners within an organization evolve accordingly.

Slimstock believes in sharing knowledge and expertise. We regularly conduct speaking sessions, webinars and panel discussions to spread knowledge to the supply chain community.

This year, Slimstock will introduce the Slimstock Academy in North America to help all our users, partners and any supply chain professional access fundamental knowledge [and key sessions] on demand planning and inventory optimization. We will share best practices, fundamental academic knowledge and Slim4 training for our users throughout this year. Whether it is in collaboration with associations (such as Supply Chain Canada) or educational institutions (like Humber College), we intend to increase those knowledge-sharing sessions this year.

“Knowledge is at the heart of everything we do at Slimstock. We are excited to launch the Slimstock Academy this year for all supply chain professionals and our North American customers”, said Ludovic Magne, Country Manager, Slimstock Canada.

The Slimstock Academy programmes are designed to support supply chain professionals as they translate business strategy into operational actions. Focused on combining industry best practices with inventory management theory, Slimstock Academy sessions will enable your team to:

  • Make more educated decisions around inventory management
  • Understand the impact of inventory into business performance 
  • Implement new ideas to optimize your supply chain further
  • Fully utilize Slim4 (for customers)

“First and foremost, we are supply chain people who happen to design a solution for you, supply chain practitioners. We won’t lose sight of our roots,” said Magne.

All our courses aim to help you excel as a supply chain professional: after all, top teams bring great results!

At the moment, our academy sessions are given online as much as possible due to the ongoing pandemic. As soon as the situation permits, with government regulations, we will provide physical training again.