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The launch of a new office in Singapore


Following a number of interesting developments, Eric van Dijk, CEO at Slimstock, looks back on a great first quarter. Eric has been in Singapore this month, preparing for the launch of the first subsidiary in South East Asia: “It is extremely exciting that with launch of this new office, Slimstock will be truly able to provide 24/7 support to customers all around the globe.”

The first four months of this year have already come and gone. Looking back, I’m pleased to say that we are well on track. In comparison to the first quarter of 2015, our revenue was thirty percent higher and our organisation is ready for further growth. In terms of new employees, we are on target to achieve the goals and expectations we set ourselves earlier this year.

Abu Dhabi

What strikes me most is that many of the new projects seem to arise from our existing network and existing customers. For example, last month we were in Abu Dhabi taking advantage of an interesting opportunity in the United Arab Emirates. This was a spinoff from the work we do for a Dutch company and stresses the importance of good relationships. I think this applies to every company as investing in your network always pays back sooner or later.

Pushing the boundaries

A small but significant number of our new projects kick off in countries where we were not previously active. Last week, for example, we closed a deal with NGO Saeca, a leading wholesaler of household goods in Paraguay. In addition, earlier this year we undertook a project at Grupo Rey, one of Panama’s leading supermarkets. We initiated and coordinated these projects from our offices in the Americas.

Around the globe

The opening of a new office in Singapore will no doubt be good news to our customers who operate on a global scale. I visited the country a few weeks ago to prepare for the launch of a new office and I can now officially say we have our first subsidiary in South East Asia! By achieving this milestone, I think it is great that Slimstock will be truly able to provide 24/7 support to customers all around the globe.

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