ITS, the UK’s premier independent tool supplier known for its next-day delivery across its vast assortment of over 29,000 products, has taken a significant stride forward in enhancing customer satisfaction by teaming up with Slimstock.

ITS recognises customer satisfaction is paramount in a fiercely competitive industry, where customer loyalty hinges on product availability. To strengthen its position as the top independent tool supplier, the business needed to elevate product availability to remain competitive.

The challenges faced by ITS were clear: a vast catalogue of products combined with its next-day delivery promise demands impeccable product availability. However, their forcasting processes were basic, time consuming and in need of a new approach.

To modernise and ensure sustainable growth, they turned to Slimstock for a dedicated supply chain planning system.

Slimstock’s industry-leading technology and extensive experience in addressing similar challenges convinced ITS to choose them. Paul Hubbard, Director at ITS, explains, “Slimstock aligns with our ambition to put customers first. By collaborating on this project, we will equip our supply chain team with the data-driven insights required to guarantee the best possible level of service.”

This partnership marks a significant step forward in ITS’s mission to continue providing an unparalleled service. By prioritising its customers’ needs and embracing cutting-edge supply chain solutions, ITS is well-positioned to enhance its reputation as the UK’s top independent tool supplier.