For over 30 years, GS Yuasa has been at the forefront of battery technology. As a leading global manufacturer and major retail supplier of Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, GS Yuasa has strengthened its position with the roll-out of a new distribution centre in Sweden.

To support the launch of the new location, the battery specialist worked with the inventory experts at Slimstock to maintain exceptional levels of product availability across GS Yuasa’s global operation.

Following sustained growth, the new distribution centre located in Jönköping, Sweden, will offer a strategic hub in the Nordic-Baltic region. The facility will enable GS Yuasa to offer customers shorter lead times, local support and more flexible order quantities.

Strategic partnership

Focused on optimising inventory processes at the battery specialist’s UK distribution centre in Swindon, GS Yuasa first joined forces with Slimstock in 2014 as part of the major optimisation initiative, the battery specialist implemented Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4.

With a proven track record for helping the team to boost availability while simultaneously minimising their exposure to risk, GS Yuasa will roll out Slim4 to manage inventory at the new distribution centre. As the Nordic operation becomes established, the advanced inventory solution will help the business to drive operational efficiency gains while keeping a tight control on cost.

Balancing inventory across the global supply chain

Initially managed centrally from the UK, the new distribution centre will stock and supply GS Yuasa’s complete product range, increasing year-round availability and improving on current delivery times.

To incorporate the new distribution into GS Yuasa’s global supply chain, the planning team at GS Yuasa will take advantage of Slim4’s multi-warehouse functionality. By providing high levels of visibility and control, Slim4 will enable the planning team to effectively plan the inventory requirements for the Nordics while optimising inventory levels across the entire business.

Explaining the business’ ambitions for the future, Kevin Morris, Business Systems Manager at GS Yuasa concludes: “As we pursue further performance improvements, we look forward to working with Slimstock to maximise the value we offer our customers.”

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