Grupo Real tunes up its supply chain with Slimstock’s Slim4 Platform

Grupo Real Warehouse

Grupo Real, a leading name in Brazil’s automotive parts and accessories market, has initiated a major supply chain transformation project in its pursuit of operational excellence.

With over six decades of experience, the automotive specialist has a rich history of pioneering mobility throughout the region. Today, Grupo Real manages four leading brands: RMP Auto, Disape, Mide Parts and Per Bank. Supplying a broad range of automotive and motorcycle parts, Grupo Real is 100% focused on providing innovative and efficient solutions to keep its partners moving forward.

As part of its commitment to service excellence, the company has embarked on a transformative digital journey in partnership with Slimstock. To standardise supply chain planning workflows, enhance collaboration across departments, and streamline its ordering processes, Grupo Real has chosen Slimstock as its trusted partner in achieving these goals.

By working with Slimstock, Grupo Real aims to revolutionise its approach to supply chain planning, improving visibility and efficiency across its distribution network. As part of this supply chain initiative, the automotive specialist will adopt Slimstock’s award-winning planning platform, Slim4.

Daniel Garcia, Director of Operations and Supply Chain at Grupo Real, adds: “After being introduced to Slimstock via a mutual partner, we were convinced that Slimstock’s Slim4 platform offers the capability to support the scale and complexity of our supply chain.”

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