Ginger Ray Article ImageOffering an extensive range encompassing everything from themed bunting and table wear to balloons and hen party essentials, no celebration is complete without Ginger Ray’s party products. To solidify the party s specialist position as a leading innovator of celebration products, the business has teamed up with the inventory experts at Slimstock.

As the fastest growing wholesaler and retailer of party supplies and decorations, Ginger Ray, has seen exponential growth over the last 10 years. With a customer base including many major high street retailers, department stores and independents across the globe, the party specialist has taken the strategic decision to implement Slimstock’s inventory optimisation solution, Slim4, to support their continued international expansion.

Ben Spence, Managing Director at Ginger Ray explains: “In the past, we could rely on spreadsheets alone to keep our inventory in check. However, as our business grows and evolves, it is vital that we continuously strive to exceed the high standards our customers have come to expect. For this reason, we have placed real focus upon improving the efficiency of our business.”

This major supply chain project will focus upon equipping the planning team at Ginger Ray with the tools and knowledge to deliver the business growth ambitions. “By bringing stability to our supply chain, our people can invest more time and energy into improving the level of service we provide our customers,” adds Ben.

Focused around forecasting, demand planning and inventory optimisation, the project in partnership with Slimstock will provide the team at Ginger Ray with greater insight allowing more strategic purchasing decisions. Furthermore, by automating a large proportion of the inventory management process, the planning team will be able to work more efficiently and have extra time to focus on what really matters. This, in turn, will enable the party specialist to achieve substantial increases in availability while simultaneously reducing inventory costs.

“After discussing our challenges with a number of different vendors, Slimstock’s consultative approach outlined them as the clear choice for us. Given their experience in the sector coupled with their passion for wholesale and retail, I have no doubt that Slimstock will be the perfect partner to help our business advance,” States Ben.

Richard Evans, Managing Director at Slimstock UK concludes: “Given Ginger Ray’s commitment to innovation, we are thrilled to support Ben and his team through this next phase of growth. With the project already well underway, we look forward to building a lasting relationship.”