The business behind some of Britain’s leading kitchenware brands including Tala and ChefAid, has established a new benchmark by which all future supply chain projects will be judged. Following the success of a major project focused on improving both stock availability and efficiency this month, the leading kitchenware supplier, George East, has already started to realise the tangible benefits of their work with inventory management specialist, Slimstock.

With a broad range of products and an extensive customer base encompassing a number of well-known high street retailers, George East is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of kitchen and homeware products. Carl Debbage, Commercial Manager at George East explains: “Given the complexity of our global network of suppliers, coupled with the continuous growth of our assortment, it was vital that we took steps to improve both availability and service levels in order to keep up with the growing demand for our products.”

After seeing how Slimstock’s inventory management solution, Slim4, could help the business better manage seasonal demand and product lifecycles, the homewares specialist decided to join their parent company, Nedac Sorbo group, as one of 650+ other businesses to implement Slimstock’s inventory management solution, Slim4. Debbage goes on to add: “Although we have only been using the solution for a short time, I can already see how critical Slim4 has become for our operations.”

Since the project was first initiated in November 2015, the team at George East have already started to notice the business benefits. “Working with the team at Slimstock on what has been a highly complex project has been a pleasure. The expertise of the consultants at Slimstock has been evident throughout and it has been a great experience in how a project should be managed. Slimstock has helped us establish a new benchmark by which all future projects will be judged,” States Debbage.

Richard Evans, managing director at Slimstock UK goes on to add: “This has been an exciting project for everyone here at Slimstock and I am confident that our work with George East will help the business go from strength to strength.”