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Congratulations to the team of Fulcrum Suspensions in Brisbane for successfully completing the Slim4 training!

How do we help?

We help Fulcrum with making sure they have the right stock, at the right place, at the right time in order to meet customer demand and stay ahead of the competition.

By means of our software tool Slim4, companies optimise their inventory management by increasing availability and reducing excess stocks, all while maximising customer service levels. Slim4 is a software add-on that can be connected to any ERP system.

Inventory optimisation at automotive customers

Slimstock was founded 25 years ago and is a knowledge partner that focuses on forecasting and inventory management. At this moment our team consists of more than 250 enthusiastic Inventory specialist worldwide helping over 900 customers. Happy customers are our number 1 priority!

Of all customers who have joined us over the past 25 years, still, 96% is with us today.

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