Farmexim, Help Net and EL Pharma Partners with Slimstock to Redefine Supply Chain Efficiency

Help Net Pharmacy Phoenix Group

In an exciting development for the pharmaceutical industry, the Farmexim, Help Net, and EL Pharma group of companies, leading market players in pharmaceutical distribution, retail, and services, have teamed up with Slimstock to tackle current and future supply chain challenges. This collaboration aims to improve customer service, reduce excess stock, and enhance overall supply chain visibility while supporting key processes to improve operational efficiency.

The pharmaceutical distribution landscape is rife with complexities, from fluctuating demand to regulatory hurdles. Recognising the need for more intelligent solutions, Farmexim, Help Net, and EL Pharma group selected Slimstock based on its demand, forecasting and supply chain optimisation expertise.

By leveraging Slimstock’s tailored approach, Farmexim, Help Net, and EL Pharma expect to streamline operations, optimise inventory levels, and make smarter allocation decisions in all business areas. This partnership isn’t just about cutting-edge technology; it’s about solving real-world problems and improving patient care for customers throughout Romania.

“This partnership presents exciting opportunities,” says Florin Turcanu, Head of Supply Chain. “We’re excited to work with Slimstock to bring tangible improvements to our supply chain. Better forecasting means improved product availability to our customers and patients and more efficient operations overall.”

Slimstock is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. “We’re thrilled to partner with Farmexim, Help Net, and EL Pharma, further delivering on our promise to make our customers outperform,” says Stelian Ciorogariu, Country Manager Slimstock. Together, we can address some of the pharmaceutical industry’s toughest challenges and drive meaningful change.”

About Farmexim, Help Net and EL Pharma group of companies

Farmexim is the first importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products established in 1990 in Romania. It provides nationwide coverage through the central logistics centre in Balotești and the branches in the main cities. Farmaciile Help Net is one of the top three pharmacy chains in Romania, with more than 420 units nationwide. EL Pharma is a new business that was launched in 2021, aiming to develop a new direction of services dedicated to pharmaceutical companies.

About Slimstock

Slimstock specialises in demand forecasting and supply chain optimisation solutions, helping businesses to create more agile and resilient supply chain operations. With a local presence and a reputation for reliability, Slimstock is a trusted partner for companies looking to improve their bottom line.


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